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1. Flare Event is an event site that has been created in It can include an exhibitor directory and/or a program directory.

2. Flare Party can be any independent entity, e.g. a company, other organization or a private party. Flare Parties can be easily added in multiple Flare events/directories.

3. Flare Listing is the link between a Flare Party and a Flare event. It includes party details and event-specific details of the party if necessary. Listings can be either exhibitor listings or activity (program) listings. documentation account and registration

Why create a account and how do I create an account?

How to create a Flare Event?
  • What is a Flare Event?
  • Where to fill in the event details
  • Flare Event Sections
  • FAQ
How to create a Flare Party?
  • What is a Flare Party?
  • Where to fill in the party details
  • Data requirements
  • FAQ
How to create a Flare Listing?
  • What is a Flare Listing?
  • Where to fill in the listing details
  • Listing elements
  • FAQ
Complete guide for event organizer

A comprehensive guide for an event organizer in order to setup and manage events in