How to Create a Flare Party?

What is a Flare Party?

A Flare Party is an independent entity, e.g. a company, other organization or a private party. Flare Parties can be easily added in multiple Flare events/directories. In this way you don't have to re-enter the details for every event/directory.

A Flare Party consists of the following information (see an example below)

  • Visible on the site
    1. Name of the party
    2. Introduction of the party
    3. Image
    4. Link to a webpage with additional information
  • For internal use
    1. Party type
    2. Official name of the party

Below you can see an example of a Flare Party. See a live example in our demo event.

Where to fill in the Party details?

You can fill in Party details 1) when registering to an event 2) in the My Account section of, which can be found here. Updates to the Party details are also made in the My Account section.

Please note that entering the details requires logging in. If you haven't registered to yet you can do it here.

Below you can see a screenshot of the My Account section, where you can view and edit your Flare Parties or create new ones.

Remember that if you update existing Flare Party details, the system updates these details in all Flare Events where this Party has been added (future and past events). You can create multiple Flare Parties if you think that one Party introduction does not fit with all events.

If you cannot find your party in the list, make sure you have the right language selected. In order to inactivate a Flare Party please contact us via the contact form.

Requirements for the Party Data
  • Party name
    • Please do not use ampersand (&) in the Party name.
    • The ID for the party will be based on the name you provide.
  • Official name
    • E.g. the registered name of a company. This name will not be shown on the event site but it can be used for e.g. improving search results.
  • Party introduction
    • Max 1150 digits
    • A description of the most important facts about you. For example if you are filling this in on behalf of a company, tell what you do and why, what are your products/services, what are your values in business and what sets you apart from your competitors.
    • Please do not enter event specific text in this field (in order to be able to reuse this introduction in other events). These are entered in the listing details.
    • Check also that you do not have redundant line breaks or other unnecessary formatting in the text.
  • Image
    • Choose a high quality image that best represents your service/party. Often a simple, clear, good quality image is most compelling from the end-users point of view.
    • Please do not use a logo, real pictures tell more to the end-user.
    • Do not use collage images (multiple images inside one picture), but seek clarity.
    • Please do not embed text, dates, or anything else that is obsolete quickly. In addition, such items easily blend the overall look.
    • You have to have the right to use the image.
    • Technical requirements: aspect ratio 1:1 (square), picture size min. 420x420 pix, file type .jpg or .png.
    • Note that we do not remove metadata from images (e.g. location). If this should not be made public, please remove the metadata before uploading the image.
  • Link to a webpage
    • A website where visitors can find more information on the party.
    • Note that the address needs to include https:// or http:// at the beginning.
    • You can enter only one address.

Below you can see previously asked questions. You can send us new questions via the feedback form.

What if one listing applies to multiple parties?

In this case you can create a “Joint Party”: choose an image that fits for the purpose and say something short on each party. For Joint Parties you cannot add website links as there is place for only one link.

What if someone else has already created a Flare Party I would like to use?

Depending on the situation, you can either a) ask for permission to use the already existing party b) claim the party for yourself by contacting us, and we will contact the current owner.