Flare.guide Building Blocks

Flare.guide elements
The three major building blocks in Flare.guide
  1. Flare Event is an event site that has been created in Flare.guide
  2. Flare Party can be any independent entity, e.g. a company, other organization or a private party. Flare Parties can be easily added in multiple Flare events/directories.
  3. Flare Listing is the link between a Flare Party and a Flare event. It includes event-specific details of the party.

In addition, Parties can have two different roles in Flare Events. They can be either an exhibitor or a program provider (or both):

    • Flare Exhibitor Listing: A Party displaying, selling or representing something at the event outside of the formal program.
    • Flare Activity Listing: A Party that is part of the formal event program at a fixed time.