Create Event Site with Searchable Exhibitor & Program List

Allow exhibitors to manage their own data

Easy to use, no technical expertise required from you
Works with different devices, also with mobile
Easily reuse existing exihibitor details
Great for events like fairs, markets and pop-up events

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More and more, customers are searching for information online. For example, did you know that more than 80% of shoppers say they consult their phones on purchases they're about to make in a physical location? Customers are increasingly interested in the origin of the products and services they buy - typical questions are what, why, where, how. It is no longer enough to provide information about products and services, but customers also want to know who is behind these products and services.

In events, exhibitors and the program are the main attractions which create interest and entice people to participate the event. Have you made sure there are informative descriptions of exhibitors and the program online? The importance of quality images on a website is huge, has the visual look been taken into consideration? Can an event visitor easily find out what's going on, where and at what time? If you feel there is room for improvement here, we believe we can help you achieve these goals.

How does make the process easier for different parties?

Current Challenges of Event Organizer

Event organizer has to build his/her own exhibitor listing solution which takes time and requires special technical skills. In addition, it is difficult to motivate exhibitors to fill in and maintain their details for only one event organizer's events.

How We Help?

Event organizers can quickly and easily create temporary exhibitor listings by taking advantage of reusable exhibitor data, without the need to build their own technical solution. Easier to motivate exhibitors to fill in and maintain their details as they can reuse these for different purposes.

Current Challenges of Exhibitor

Filling in and maintaining data with multiple event organizers is time-consuming and the data can easily become outdated.

How We Help?

One centralized place to fill in and maintain exhibitor data, the data can be easily reused with multiple event organizers.

Current Challenges of Event Visitor

If there is only a list of exhibitor names on the event organizer site, how does he/she know which exhibitors are of interest to him/her?

How We Help?

Easily accessible information on exhibitors through a searchable and consistent format, easy to use with all devices.

Interested in the Service?

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